I created this rigged tank model back in 2009 for a demo video. Eight years later I decided to take the time to turn it into a final asset that is suitable for high end games and 3D renderings. The rigged tank model boasts fully automated treads that move accurately based on direction and distance,  a non flip target style turret control with an automatic turret recoil system and a fully functioning machine gun that even ejects shell casings.


Rigged tank model



General Information Overview
  • All scenes are Real world scale (cm) and all models are centered at origin.
  • Included file formats:
    • Maya (Supports all versions after Maya 2014 and is rigged with an advanced Custom rig).
    • Marmoset Toolbag 3.0
    • FBX
    • OBJ
  • Two topology versions included:
  • All Quad topology version for film and media. (intended for subdivision)
    • Turret: 49720 vertices / 47153 (subdivision 0)
    • Hull: 70971 vertices / 66413 (subdivision 0)
    • Tread: 365040 vertices / 711360 (subdivision 0)
    • Wheels: 81826 vertices / 158160 (subdivision 0)
    • Machinegun: 18407 vertices / 35220 (subdivision 0 )
    • Total: 585964 vertices / 1131872 (subdivision 0)
  • Optimised topology version for modern AAA game engines.(not intended for subdivision)
    • Turret: 9979 vertices / 17288
    • Hull: 12567 vertices / 20762
    • Tread: 23920 vertices / 39936
    • Wheels: 15094 vertices / 27544
    • Machinegun: 2852 vertices / 5009
    • Total: 64412 vertices / 110539
  • Tank is professionally rigged in Maya.
  • All model package textures are 4k (8k, 4k, 2k and 1k available in supporting files).
  • All texture paths are relative to the scene file locations.
  • Skeleton contains 286
  • All included scene files are named and organised intuitively. (ascii format where possible).
  • All source 8K PSD files used to create this tank are included for customization (supporting files).
  • No n-gons, double faces, flipped faces, overlapping faces, inverted normals or stray vertices.
  • No post image editing was done on any rendered thumbnail or turntable other than adding text.
  • This is not a 3D print ready asset.
  • This asset is not intended for mobile gaming
  • There is no interior detail.
  • There are no driver or gun operator characters included.
  • One animation file is provided for demonstration purposes. This is not a fully animated tank.
About the Author
Senior 3D Technical Artist/Animator
  1. Robin Hobart Reply

    Hi Simon. I saw your tank rig on youtube and thought it was awesome. I am Head of 3D at a Production Company called Brickyard VFX. We have offices in Santa Monica, CA and Boston, MA in the United States. I was wondering if you did any freelance rigging for hire. I saw you have that rig on Turbosquid but I would like to see if you were open to doing some rigging remotely in the future. Do you do characters?

    Robin Hobart
    Brickyard VFX

  2. smills Reply

    Hi Robin, I am totally a freelance rigger for hire! And yes I do characters. I have a demo available on my site of a pretty cool character rig, here is the link:



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