Tales from the Borderlands

Rigged and animated all characters and setup each shot. I also created the handsome Jack particles at the end of this sweet trailer. • Telltale Games + Renkewitz Studios

Monkey Quest

Created all rigs and hand keyed almost all animation in this trailer. • Nickelodeon + Renkewitz Studios


Many high-poly models built and baked to game resolution models and then painted. • Liquid Development + 343 Industries
gotham city impostors

Gotham City Impostors – Trailer

All character animation,  character setup and cloth simulation in this trailer. • Warner Bros. Games + Renkewitz Studios

Domestos – TVspot

Advanced rigs for main germ character & chair. • Uli Meyer Studios

Dead Rising 3 – TVspot

Setup all shots, animations and all cloth/hair simulations in this trailer. • Capcom + Renkewitz Studios
Dead Island Riptide

Dead Island Riptide – Trailer

Character setup and supporting animator in this trailer. • Deep Silver Games + Renkewitz Studios


Mud Creature

Designed, created, rigged, animated and rendered for demo purposes. (2009)
tank rig

Tank Rig

Designed, modeled and rigged for demo purposes. (2016)

Sammy Skizzors

Designed, created, rigged, animated, rendered and scored the entire cartoon for demo purposes. (2010)

Soldier 01

Designed, created and rigged for demo purposes. (2016)